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Charles Leclerc with his Freem raceware

The company "FREE MINDS" , founded in 2001 by a group of friends sharing the same passion for technology and innovation, launched its first line of accessories for karting in 2003, creating the first rib protector " BRAVE " with active protection: this is how the Freem® brand was born .


After having homologated in 2005 the lighter karting suit on the CIK-FIA market ,

Freem® is focusing in 2006 on flame retardant materials for motorsport. A new generation of wetsuits has been created , starting with the GT 61 P-FLASH which has the particularity of not having any material overlap, giving ergonomics, weight and breathability.


Freem® is therefore the first company to use flame retardant prints in motorsport, already known in other sports disciplines, replacing embroidery with printing guaranteeing comfort, safety and quality.


The " TAKTO " glove in 2007, the flame retardant " SENSITIVE 09 " shoe in 2008 are created and designed to obtain the best performance, thanks to cutouts   ergonomic .


from racing to simracing...

Our Brand

In 2009, Freem® entered a new field by creating the ULM flight suit and in 2011, in direct collaboration with the Italian Motorboat Federation, the first suit for offshore pilots was born.


2011, the new ultralight flame retardant suit " TA 111 SOFFIO " combines technology and design, seams placed in areas not subject to pressure, new fabrics for better breathability, maximum lightness, ergonomics and safety. The new shoulder pad was then improved at the end of 2013 to become a benchmark in the racing world.


October 2020, on the strength of its experience and following the explosion of virtual car racing, Freem® launches its first product dedicated to Sim Racing: SIM20 Gloves .


FREEM-SIMRACING becomes the dedicated brand for SimRacers around the world.
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